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    Thermal switch

  • Model:17AME-H series
  • Voltage: 120V 230VAC; 12V 24VDC
  • Current: 8A 15A
  • Temperature range: 0~180C
  • Special features: Min Temperature can be 0 Celcius
  • PDF: download
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17AME-H series creep action bimetal thermal switch is specially designed for heatings, lightings and motors. It is focused on the low temperature range and small temeprature differential. Based on the principle of bimetal heat expansion and cold contraction, the thermal switch can control the temperature of application under a very small range.

* Special Features of thermal switch:

1. Temperature is 100% calibrated
2. Creep Action and small temperature differential between OFF and ON
3. Type and length of wires are optional
4. Terminals can be same or opposite end
5. 100% comply with RoHS
6. 100,000 life cycles
7. LOW TEMPERATURE SETTING 0-50°C available.
8. MAX TEMPERATURE 180°C available

* Electrical Ratings:

1. 20A / 120V AC

2. 10A/ 230V AC

* Temperature Ratings:

1. Off temperature: 0-180°C
2. Tolerance:±5°C
3. ON temperature: 5°C for creeping action;

 * Special notes for thermal switch:

1. The temperature rising speed under calibration should be less than 1°C per 2 minutes;

2. Vacuum varnishing is not applicable. Specially treated thermal switch is possible;

3. Varnishing under room temperature is possible. The temperature has to be less than 70°C;

4. If the contact resistance is over 50m Ohm, please connect the thermal switch to the circuit of 60-100VAC, 2-5A and make the thermal switch to action 2 or 3 times. Then, test the contact resistance again. The resistance would be decreased.


* Applications of 17AME-H thermal switch:

1. Blanket, Heating pad
2. Medical pads
3. Other applications which need low temperature control

* Certifications:

1. UL&CUL: E309992

* Dimensional drawing of thermal switch:


17AME thermal switch


thermal switch 17AME-H pic

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