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    Adjustable thermostat

  • Model:KST
  • Voltage: 120V 250VAC
  • Current: 15A 10A
  • Temperature range: 0-250C
  • Special features: Adjustable; Long life
  • PDF:
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Application of adjustable thermostat
Design of KST adjustable thermostat is based on bi-metal action in the principle of expansion and contraction. KST turns on and off within prescribed temperature range. Main applications of KST are as follows:

i) Oven, electrical irons, rice cookers, water boilers
ii) Fan heater Barbeque grill and various household appliances.

Specifications of adjustable thermostat
Function: Single-pole with contact opens when temperature range is reached.
Standard Rating: [VDE&CB] 250VAC 15A [UL&cUL] 120VAC 20A
Automatic Cycles For Each Automatic Action: [VDE&CB] 100,000cycles [UL&cUL] 30,000 cycles
Maximum Temperature: [All standards] 250C±5%
Temperature Range: [All standards] 0-250ºC
Tolerance: ±5%

Special Features of adjustable thermostat

- KST can replace ceramic fixed thermostat when using a screw instead of its axis.
- KST can control temperature and shorten temperature range through detecting current.
- KST can be crimped a block for installation and conducting heat.
- The mounting brackets have several shapes.

- Dimension and angle of shaft are optional.
- Tripping-off temperature and property curve are optional.
- Dimension and direction of terminals are optional.

Dimensional Drawing of Adjustable thermostat: 
adjustable thermostat KST dwg1

adjustable thermostat KST dwg2

adjustable thermostat KST-1 pic

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