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    KSD bimetal thermostat

  • Model:KSD301
  • Voltage: 120V 250VAC
  • Current: 15A 10A
  • Temperature range: 0~280C
  • Special features: auto or manual reset; bakelite or ceramic case
  • PDF:
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Description of KSD bimetal thermostat:


1. Auto reset or manual reset, round shape

2. Fixed or movable mounting flanges optional

3. The housing of this bimetal thermostats can be bakelite or ceramic. Ceramic housing bimetal thermostat can have high temperature rating, like 250C.

4. Electrical Ratings: 120VAC/250VAC, 15A, 10A, 100,000 cycles

5. Temperature Ratings of ceramic housing bimetal thermostat: 0-250C, tolerance: +/-3C, +/-5C

6. UL, VDE, and CQC certifications

7. Reliable quality and competitive price

8. Can be normally closed type or Normally open type


Testing method of KSD bimetal thermostat:


1. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: The housing of KSD bimetal thermostat shall withstand for 1 minute without breakdown at test potential of 1500V-ACor foe 1 second without breakdown at 1800V-AC and maximum leak current shall be less than 10mA.

2. INSULATION RESISTANCE: The insulation resistance between live parts and insulation sleeving is more than 100MOHM, measured by 500V-DC “MEGAR” at room temperature and room humidity.

3. CONTACT RESISTANCE: less than 50Mohm.

4. HEAT ENDURANCE TEST: A bimetal thermostat exposed to the air condition of 150°C for 96 hours.

5. HUMIDITY TEST: The thermostat is exposed to relative humidity 95% RH at a temperature of 40°C for 48hours.

6. DROP TEST: A bimetal thermostat is dropped to vinytile floor 70cm height with natural condition.

After the item 3-6,-7,-8 test, the test sample should be met to the following condition.

A)Operation temperature shall not shift form initial temperature by more than ±7°C.

B)Contact circuit resistance: Less than 50mOHM.

C)The can is not damaged.


Dimensional drawing for Auto reset thermostat:

bimetal thermosta KSD1

* Dimensional drawing of manual reset KSD301 thermostat:

manual reset thermostat dwg1

bimetal thermostat KSD301 pic

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