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Our production load is getting full in this season

Source:本站 Editor:admin 2012-12-03
The period of September to next January is our annual high season. Our production is now under full load. The production plan is scheduled to next February. So, if you have urgent orders during this period for thermal switch, thermal protector, and thermal cutout, please contact our sales team again and re-confirm the delivery date. For capillary thermostat or bellow sensing element, we can remain the delivery time as usual.

For some models, like 17AME, TS05, KW and TS series, we have some inventory at hand. If the model you ordered are in stock, the delivery time would be faster. Please note that we only have small quantity 17AME in stock and they are common rating, no leadwire attached.

After our Chinese New Year holiday, we will get back to normal operation and the delivery date would be same as what we told you in the past.
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