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180C thermal cutout switch for hair curler, dryer, lighting and heating

Source:本站 Editor:admin 2012-10-29
We have 3 types of bimetal thermal cutout switch for lighting, heating, hair curler, dryer and other applications: model 17AME, TS01 and KSD301. Among them, TS01 is the smallest size, diameter 8mm only; 17AME is the most popular and common type for lighting, hair curler and dryer. The size is bigger than TS01 but smaller than KSD301. KSD301 type has the biggest size and mostly used for heating element or plate.
The technical data of all these 180C thermal cutout switch is as follows:
Thermal cutout switch Model 17AME
Electrical Ratings:
1. 20A / 120V AC
2. 10A/ 230V AC
3. 16VDC, 20A
Temperature Ratings:
1. OFF temperature: 0-180°C
2. Tolerance:±5°C
thermal cut out switch 17AME series
Thermal cutout switch model TS01
 Electrical Ratings
1. 250VAC: 3A
2. 125VAC: 6A
3. 24VDC: 6A
 Temperature ratings
1. OFF temp: 60~200ºC,every 5ºC per rating
2. Tolerance:±5°C
Mini thermal cutout switch TS01
Thermal cutout switch Model KSD301
Electrical Ratings:
1. 120VAC, 15A;
2. 250VAC 10A
Temperature Rating:
1. OFF temperature range: 0-300 ºC
2. Tolerance: ±5°C
180C thermal cutout switch KSD301 series
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