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Prospect of bimetallic thermal protector industry (2)

Source:本站 Editor:admin 2012-11-25
5. Safer Function

    Many applications starts to request the thermal proector have safer functions, like self hold function or double protection. Self hold function means that the thermal protector will not reset after tripping off until the powder supply is disconnected completely. This kind of thermal protector can prevent from the possible hazards to operators caused by motor restart. The applications are blender, vaccum cleaners, juicer, grinder etc. Our responsible model is 17AME+PTC.
self hold thermal protector 17AME+PTC

    Double protection means that there is an extra thermal cut off connected to the thermal protector in series. Once the thermal protector failed to function, the thermal cut off would start to work and break the circuit pernanently. It can ensure that the circuit would stay in a safe condtion. The main applications are medical pad, heating pad and other appliances that might cause hazards to operators once the thermal protector malfunctioned.  Our model TS17 has this double protection function.
thermal protector and thermal cutoff combination TS17

6. Smaller action tolerance

    The standard action temperature tolerance is +/-5C. However, people are not satisfied with this status now. Some equipments need tighter tolerance, like +/-2C or +/-3C. To achieve this goal, the manufacturing equipment of thermal portectors have to be mor accurate and automatic. The traditional manual equipment can not work at all. We already started to build high precision automatic equipment by our own technical team. Meanwhile, we also import high tech equipment from overseas facility manufacturers.
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