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Prospect of bimetallic thermal protector industry

Source:本站 Editor:admin 2012-11-23
To meet the demands of energy saving and electrical safety, bimetallic thermal protectors are getting more and more popular. It is a traditional industry and it has developed for many years. It means that there is no special technology that can drive this industry for a big progress in the near future. However, there are still some obvious trends for the bimetallic thermal protector industry.
1. Smaller size.
  Since the applications like motor, transformer, lightings, heater, battery becomes smaller and smaller, the thermal protector needs to be smaller also. The mounting space is strictly limited. We now have the thinnest thermal protector TS05 series in the world. The thickness is 2mm only. For transformer and coil applications, we have button type TS01 series. The diameter is 8mm only.
thermal battery protector TS05
 2mm thick Thermal Protector TS05

mini size button type thermal protector TS01
Button Type Thermal Protector TS01
2. Bigger Current
  In the past, the max current for bimetallic thermal protector is 15A or 20A, but now it becomes bigger and bigger because applications with bigger rated current started to use the protectors. Our biggest overload current can be 90A. The model is 8AME series.
Big current thermal protector 8AME
 Big Current Thermal Protector 8AME
3. Current sensitive
  Many applications like juicer, blender, vacuum cleaner and automotive window lift need both current and temperature protection now. When abnormal conditions happened, there would be no enough time for bimetal to sense the ambient temperature change and take action. Under this condition, the protector had to trip off in few seconds by sensing current. We now have model TS-P, TS-G, 8AME, 6APE, 3MPE to be current sensitive.
Current sensitve Thermal Protector TS-P and TS-G
Current Sensitive Thermal Protector TS-P and TS-G

4. Water proof
  Common bimetallic thermal protector is not water proof and it can not work even in moisture environment. However, in some applications, working in water or liquid is necessary. Therefore, water proof thermal protector comes out. Now our model 17AME-S is totally sealed by epoxy and water proof.
Water Proof Thermal Protector 17AME-S
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