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Can I cancel an order?

Source:本站 Editor:admin 2013-01-04
We will not start production until receiving deposit from our customers. If you want to cancel your orders before paying, it is acceptable. If you want to cancel the order after paying, it depends on the products you ordered.
1. If the products you ordered are our standard model, like thermal switch 17AME common temperatures, no lead wire, we can return you the deposits. You only need to pay bank charge.
2. If the products you ordered are customized, your orders can’t be cancelled. For example, thermal protectors with leadwire, capillary thermostats for gas valve and thermal cut out with special temperature ratings, are all customized products. Once we started the production, it would be used for your application only.
Therefore, we strongly recommend our customers to test our samples carefully and repeatedly before placing a formal order.
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